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Whispering Gallery at New Haven Free Public Library Photo

Whispering Gallery at New Haven Free Public Library

In the world of technology you may think the library is old news. Nope. If you have not visited one of the many branches of the historic New Haven Free Public Library- you are really missing out. Here are 5 reasons why having a library card is still important. If you need more than 5 reasons, visit NHFPL.org or stop by a branch near you!

Mental & Physical Health

Did you know that the New Haven Free Public Library offers meditation, yoga and tai chi? If spending $150 on a yoga class card is not in your budget you can take a class on Mondays and Wednesdays through June for only $5. The library will add additional Friday classes in June. 

If you’re just looking for a mind escape visit the library on Tuesdays for meditation provided by New Haven’s Shambhala Meditation Center. These classes are FREE! 

Stop in on Saturdays for an $8 tai chi class with Kathleen Brenner.

Art Installations 

Site Projects’ Whispering Gallery is currently on view at multiple branches. The interactive installation presents the diaries of an anonymous New Haven county shopkeeper from the 1850s and with the help of the LEAP motion controller your motions reshape the entries to short poems. This project is present by Site Projects in conjunction with CT Humanities’ Connecticut at Work series. Artists are Amaranth Borsuk & Brad Bouse. Visit siteprojects.org for details. 

In addition to the Whispering Gallery, The Wave installation created by artists Susan Hoffman Fishman and Elena Kalman is also an interactive art project currently running at the library. A presentation by Tom Andersen, author of This Fine Piece of Water, an environmental history of Long Island Sound will keep the wave flowing. Presentation starts at 6pm on Wednesday.

Presentations & Workshops

Presentations and workshops are also a big part of the New Haven Free Public Library. Everything from creative writing workshops to book signings and lectures are always happening and are usually free to the public. There are even a variety of programs and workshop for children including homework help and learning games.

Museum & Theater Passes 

Did you know you can obtain free tickets to Long Wharf Theatre and a host of other Connecticut museums just by being a cardholder at the library? Deepen your Connecticut arts experience by taking advantage of this wonderful benefit.

Job Information 

Let’s face it; searching the job boards online can be draining and untrustworthy. Why not talk to someone in person? The library offers a variety of career preparation advice including tips on networking, constant contact and can even help you write a business plan. You can even learn about thriving non-profits and businesses right in your community.

For more information about library call 203-946-8835 or visit nhfpl.org 

Article by Stephen Grant, Communication Manager at Arts Council of Greater New Haven