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Artwork by featured artist Kim Sobel

Artwork by featured artist Kim Sobel

The final party of the summer takes place this Saturday. Today, we are giving you a peek inside the Somewhat Off the Wall exhibition with featured artists Kenneth Hanson & Richard Kallweit in this video created by Stephen Grant. Dallas Davis, lead concierge at 360 State walks you through how this unique art event works!

For more information or to purchase tickets call the Arts Council at 203-772-2788 or go online at newhavenarts.org

Participating Somewhat Off the Wall artists include:
Hil Anderson, Binnie Birstein, Laise Clayton, Kathy Conway, Penrhyn Cook, Jayne Crowley, Terry Dagradi, Leila Daw, Jessica Dickens, Emilia Dubicki, Amanda Duchen, Eileen Eder, Michael Elsden, Daniel Eugene, Michael Fedikovich, Kathryn Frederick, Kathryn Frund, Francine Funke, Leticia Galizzi, Frances Gallogly, Hayward Gatling, Justin Gerace, Sarah Gustafson, Ginger Hanrahan, Kenneth Hanson, Clymenza Hawkins, Richard Kallweit, Kristina Kuester-Witt, Hannah Leckman, Martha Lewis, Karleen Loughran, Beth Lovell, Owen Luckey, Molly McDonald, Perry Obee, Maryann Ott, Thomas Peterson, Pat Rist, Nomi Silverman, Kim Sobel, Anita Soos, Mark St. Mary, Ken Stabile, Tom Stio, Robert Thomas, Karissa Van Tassel, Brittany Whiteman and JoAnne Wilcox.

Take a look at some of the artwork in the exhibition:

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