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Audubon Street during the Arts on the Edge event. Photo by Amanda May-Aruani

Audubon Street during the Arts on the Edge event. Photo by Amanda May-Aruani

Planning to visit New Haven? Are you new in town? No matter how or why you are here, be sure to stop by the Audubon Arts District. For decades the small block between Orange and Whitney Street has helped educate and present the vibrant artists that live in our region. Here is a quick guide to the neighborhood.


Koffee is one of the hippest coffee shops in town. Despite the name, Koffee is actually a great spot for tea drinkers too. If you enjoy loose teas like yerba matte, herbal or green, they will make a special cup just for you. It’s also the only coffee shop downtown where you can have a craft beer or glass of wine while you study. Stop in and relax on the couch or pull up a chair at a table. The friendly staff will be happy to greet you! Learn more.

Pure Health Lounge

If coffee is not your thing you can cross the street and stop into Pure Health Lounge. Their healthy smoothies, fresh juices and salads are just what the body needs! Learn more.

Foundry Music

For over 30 years, Foundry Music has been the #1 place to find sheet music, books and expert advice on all things music. If you’re a musician, it’s easy to get lost here! In fact, once after a meeting with a friend we visited Foundry Music searching for the theme music to Cheers…Mission accomplished. Learn more.

Arts CrawlSilk Road Art Gallery

The latest addition to the Audubon Arts District is Silk Road Gallery, a new gallery with a focus on Chinese art. This unique gallery in New Haven has presented shows with both local and international artists. Their current exhibition Emblems of China: Contemporary Ink Wash features 5 Chinese ink wash masters. Learn more.

Neighborhood Music School

According to their site Neighborhood Music School was founded in 1911, making it one of the oldest community organizations in New Haven. They have a variety of music and dance classes for people of all ages. They even have pre-school and summer camp programs. If a group study doesn’t fit your schedule you can study privately or attend one of their many performance events like the Faculty Concert Series, Twilight Concert Series and the Bach Lunch Concert Series. Learn more.

Creative Arts Workshop

Creative Arts Workshop is another legendary arts education center that calls the Audubon Arts District home. They offer classes or one-day workshops for adults and children in photography, printmaking, sculpture, pottery and everything else you can think of. In addition to education CAW has a fantastic 2 floor gallery space where students, visiting artists and faculty exhibit their work. They have several annual events like Edible Book Tea, Bowl-A-Thon and the Faculty Art Show which is currently on view. In November their Celebration of American Crafts transforms the gallery into the perfect place to by local handmade Christmas gifts. Learn more.

Arts Council of Greater New Haven

We can’t present the Audubon Arts District without mentioning the Arts Council. For 50 years, the Arts Council, publisher of The Arts Paper, has had one main goal which is to connect artists and organizations to the Greater New Haven community. The Arts Council’s office doubles as a public gallery space presenting local artists and curators. In addition, the Arts Council is a great resource for artists providing art advice, a resource center and the online arts calendar to help artists become part of the community. In addition the Arts Council has programs such as The Photo Arts Collective and The Writers’ Circle that helps photographers and literary artists connect, share ideas and learn from local experts. Their community engagement program funds community art projects and their new radio show on WPKN, ArtSpot!, the #ArtNHV Blog and ANDI app (Arts, Nightlife and Dining Information) has allowed them to better serve their members by offering new ways to unite artists and the community. Learn more.

Who else in the Audubon Arts District? Use the links below to learn more about these organizations and events.

ACES Educational Center for the Arts
New Haven Ballet
Community Foundation for Greater New Haven
Audubon Strings
New Haven Promise
Audubon Arts on the Edge

Want to have dinner in the district?

Dining hot spots like Chao Chao, Caseus or the legendary Clark’s Family Restaurant are all just steps away.

Use the ANDI app for smartphones to find the perfect place.

Learn more about the Audubon Arts District via the New Haven Register here.

-Stephen Grant