There are several interesting events in town next Monday to celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King.

Sharing Light @ The Eli Whitney Museum


The Eli Whitney Museum is providing an all-day children’s program in collaboration with Let There be Light Foundation International. As they say,

“The organization is providing safe, efficient solar powered lights to children and elders in Uganda. On this Martin Luther King Day, join us in sponsoring some of those lights. We will experiment with the art and science of the Light Emitting Diodes, the LEDs that are saving energy in Ugandan villages and your home. We will look at the people, the geography and the rich wildlife that make Uganda unique.”

Check out their website for more information and costs.

MLK Events @ Yale Peabody Museum

The Yale Peabody Museum has a full schedule of events, including a program on Sunday and Monday.

Highlights include the 6th annual Teen Summit Sunday which including a creative showcase on social justice, with creative work created by the teens. On Monday from 12-4, there’s an invitational poetry slam with a whole roster of performance poets.

MLK Day @ New Haven Museum

This free event includes, “an afternoon’s programs presented by professional storytellers Joy Donaldson – 12:30pm; Waltrina Kirkland Mullins – 1:30pm and Karen Johnson – 2:30pm.”