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In January, Arts Council Intern Cooper Wall and I took a drive out of New Haven to visit the gallery and home of Beverly Kaye in Woodbridge. You can check out her website artbrut.com for more examples of her collection of what she calls “art brut” or “outsider art.”

As Beverly says in the short documentary we made of our tour, when she heard the term “outsider art” explained during a lecture at the American Folk Art Museum, she thought, “that’s what I’ve been collecting all these years.” Beverly doesn’t see the need to label the art that way. She notes that in Europe “it’s just considered Contemporary Art, which is a much better thing.” But the labels prove useful when dealing with collectors of this type of work, “first so they can find you.. and when they come, so they know what they’ll be seeing.”

But labels aside, the thing the pieces all have in common is that they were chosen by Beverly Kaye to live inside her gallery, which also flows seamlessly into her home living space.

Individually, the pieces are emotive and intense, but Beverly’s curation and placement of the art brings it all into an energetic balance that conveys a sense of peace. Check out the video and experience a tour of Beverly Kaye Gallery!

–Matt Reiniger