Annie Sailer Artist

Annie Sailer and her work

Earlier this month, on one of those, Springtime Rising days, not these late Wrath of a Winter That Won’t Go Quietly days, I visited the home and studio of an artist in our midst, Annie Sailer.

Annie has called New Haven home for a while, but still maintains ties to NYC, including ongoing work with a dance company she founded.

Annie describes herself as an artist this way:

I am a painter and a dancer/choreographer. The intent of my work is to evoke the unconscious. All of my paintings and choreography are generated by images that suggest specific, underlying content relating to emotional and psychological states of mind.


That description resonates with my experience touring her home and viewing the many colorful paintings that hang on walls, and lean on one another in her basement studio. The forms evoke man-made patterns such as on fabric, natural shapes, and an expressive application of color and line that shows the emotional moment of its creation.

Because it seems to be such a dynamic feature of her work I asked her to talk about the moment she changes colors in a painting:


And although the majority of her work is in abstract form, she also paints the human figure:


As Annie is also a dancer, I had to ask her how painting is like dance. This is what she said:

Annie is currently working on paintings, as well as sculptures which are found-object assemblages. She may begin painting some of these sculptures as well. Right now she is creating the forms and spatial relationships.

In her dance work, Annie is currently teaching ongoing, adult, intermediate level, and modern dance classes in New Haven (classes on Mondays, 6:00 – 7:30 pm and Thursdays, 4:15 – 5:45 pm). Please contact Annie for location: $15.00 per class

Also, the ANNIE SAILER DANCE COMPANY will be performing in the new Works-In-Progress/Contemporary Dance Series, 3 pm, Saturday, May 9 at Trinity Lutheran Church, 292 Orange Street, New Haven.

For more of her work visit

–Matt Reiniger