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orchestra new england

Recently I conversed with Jim Sinclair, conductor extraordinare for Orchestra New England, in the setting of their upcoming concert this Saturday April 11th at 7:30 at The United Church On The Green.

I was curious about the movements used in conducting. As I told Jim, to the viewer it looks like a dance as much as directions to the players.

Jim also shared some interesting history, explaining how the French Revolution ushered in the musical form the Orchestra will be performing this Saturday evening.

Come experience the sounds of an orchestra up-close–you’ll feel it in your body like no other type of concert.

Orchestra New England present: A Viennese Soiree Saturday April 11th 7:30 at The United Church On The Green, New Haven

“O.N.E.’s April 11 concert will recreate a 19th century musical soiree featuring Chopin’s 2nd Piano Concerto with soloist Gary Chapman, and the wildly fun music of the Waltz King!”

For more information click here.

–Matt Reiniger