Last week I visited with Stephany Cousins, a longtime New Haven Artist and Arts Council member. Stephany’s artwork is currently being featured in a retrospective entitled: Stephany Cousins, Colorist. The work will be on view at the Senior Center of the Miller Memorial Library, Dixwell Ave. in Hamden, May 5th through June 23rd.

 IMG_0014uncle  sam  portrail  oil FRENCH  LILACS OIL

I got the chance to talk with Stephany about her early art experiences, which include being instructed by the famous “WWII Monuments Man” Deane Keller, who was also a Yale Art Professor and painter. (Check out the exhibit on Deane at the New Haven Museum up right now if you’re interested.)

Stephany also shared some insights on her creative process. In particular, the experience of creating this piece, called “Buddha’s Dream” which evolved in an interesting way.

Stephany’s work is full of interesting and vibrant color combinations and a variety of styles, from impressionistic flowerscapes to portraits that intently capture personality, to abstract forms that use the curves of nature.

Check out her work at the Miller Library in Hamden May 5th through June 23rd. Thanks to Stephany for graciously welcoming me into her home and sharing her life and art.

–Matt Reiniger