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This past week on Arts On Air on WPKN I hosted Guests Deborah Teason of the Riverview Opera Project/Children’s Original Opera Project and Adam Christoferson, Director and Facilitator of Musical Intervention, in which Adam works with people from different backgrounds to tell their personal stories and experiences through songwriting and performance.

We talked about the things that keep people from feeling free to express themselves creatively, and some of the techniques they use to open up the flow of creativity.

Adam shared the stories behind some of the songs he recorded–including a veteran who came out of his shell to declare Musical Intervention the best thing that had happened to him since coming home. We also played the song he made, as well as others Adam worked with. Adam even performed a song he’d written after being inspired by a songwriting session.

Give it a listen. For past shows: The Arts On Air archive is here.

Arts On Air

Debby Teason, Host Matt Reiniger, and Adam Christofferson