The baobab tree is called the Tree of Life.

Baobab trees can live to be thousands of years old, and produce vitamin-rich fruit used today to make nutritional supplements. It holds so much water animals will break off a branch to drink from it. And it’s hollow inside. People that live near the baobab use the tree as a room. Modern restaurants and stores set up inside them. And traditionally community elders would sit in the baobab and invite others to come inside and tell their stories. This is why Kevin (RevKev) Ewing gave that name to his studios. As he says, “This is a place for people to tell their stories.”

Baobab Tree Studios features a video and photo shoot room, with lighting, backdrops, and professional-grade cameras, as well as a vocal recording studio, set up for a round-table discussions or podcasting. There’s also a digital editing suite, conference room, and individual working spaces. If you need assistance with production, the studio can provide a technician.

If you have a video project, photo shoot, or audio recording project you’ve been meaning to pursue, look up Baobab Tree Studios and give Kevin a call to discuss the possibilities.

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